In this companion webinar to Get up to Speed, with 5G, industry expert Michael Derby will dive deeper into using 5G as a tool to meet the latest demands of our world, how it differs from previous cellular generations, and compliance of 5G from a test lab and certification body perspective.

Why should I attend?

To help you gain marketing access, Michael will guide you through the testing required to get a 5G device approved and how those tests differ from the previous generation.  These tests include radio performance, EMC, RF exposure safety (SAR and PSD), over the air (OTA), and conformance testing, and the regulatory requirements for the USA (FCC) and the EU (RED).

Additionally, this presentation will include more detailed information on: 

  • What is 5G, and how does it differ from previous Gs?
  • 5G in business and society, for lifestyle and IoT
  • Advantages of using 5G
  • Challenges of using 5G
  • Required testing for 5G products to ensure market access
  • Regulatory approval for the FCC and RED

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Live webinar

Register for the 'Getting up to Speed, with 5g - a Compliance Perspective' webinar

April 1st at 7:00 am PDT | 10:00am EDT | 3:00pm BST

Live Webinar

Register for the 'Getting up to Speed, with 5G - a Compliance Perspective' webinar

April 1st at 11:00am PDT | 2:00pm EDT | 7:00pm BST

Michael Derby, Technical Director, Regulatory Approvals

Michael Derby is the Technical Director for Regulatory Approvals in the Connected Technologies division of Element.  Michael has experience in product development, testing, certification, and compliance as a manufacturer, radio and EMC test engineer, a TCB for the FCC, an FCB for Industry Canada, a CB for OFCA Hong Kong, a Notified Body for the EMC and RE Directives and an Approved Body for the UK Radio Regulations.

Michael is presently the Vice-Chair of the TCB Council Board of Directors and is an active member of the REDCA, serving as TCB Council’s liaison to the Notified Body association.  Michael is the author and contributor to many technical papers on the topic of radio approvals and integration of radio into other equipment.  He is also the secretary of the EMC Test Lab Association and provides education and training activities, including webinars and seminar workshops.

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