Join us at booth #637 at OMTEC, June 14-16, 2022 in Chicago.

Element’s Lisa Ferrara, Ph.D., is a presenter and panelist in the 2pm June 15 session “Additive Manufacturing: Overcoming Fatigue Strength Hurdles in Orthopedic Implants”. This session brings together multiple perspectives to discuss fatigue strength challenges that orthopedic companies face in expanding their use of additive manufacturing. The presentations will be followed by a group discussion.

About the event

Connect with thought leaders and peers in the orthopedics industry to learn about the latest advances in technology and best practices at OMTEC.

OMTEC is recognized internationally as an essential, “must-attend” event for the orthopedic manufacturing community. This event offers solution-driven education, complemented by a robust and diverse group of orthopedic suppliers, to allow new partnerships to blossom while providing crucial airtime for business-critical topics.

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