What is Demystifying EMC?

Following 6 successful years of Demystifying EMC being held annually for UK customers, in 2021 Rohde & Schwarz took the event onto a digital Platform. This EMC event attracts a wide range of new and repeat delegates thanks to the events focus on knowledge sharing and providing an industry wide perspective. 

Now in its 9th year, Demystifying EMC 2023 will again be a virtual event building on the success of the 2021/22 platform which allows it to reach engineers and the EMC testing community globally with topics such as design, test and the regulatory compliance spectrum.

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Live presentation: "Understanding test facility accuracy and maintenance" (16:00 - 16:30 CET)

Running a test lab or a pre-compliance test facility requires attention and investment, of effort, knowledge, and financial commitment. With the increased complexity of products, due to the IoT approach of connectivity, manufacturers are realizing the importance of pre-compliance tests and evaluations. With the evolution of test equipment and test automation software, it is possible to perform a wide range of EMC measurements quickly and simply. 


Steve Hayes (Technical Director, Connected Technologies, Element) will look at some important points to understand when operating a test lab or measurement facility, to maintain good quality and to achieve reliable test results. The presentation will cover test equipment, test site facilities, test automation software and test engineer competence.


Live panel discussion: “EMC Testing: going behind the scenes” (16:30 - 17:00 CET)

Steve Hayes (Technical Director, Connected Technologies, Element) and Michael Derby (Technical Director, Regulatory Approvals, Element), will be live panellists discussing many important topics, such as how do test facilities respond to megatrends in EMC testing? What do they expect from their T&M suppliers? What are the key global market drivers and challenges?  

Panel layout:


• Introductions (3 min) 

• Set the stage: ask each panelist about EMC test key market drivers/challenges (5 min) 

• How do Test Labs respond? (5 min) 

• What is expected of the T&M supplier? (10 min) 

• Live questions from the audience (5 min) 

• Wrap up & acknowledgements (2 min)


All panellists are expected to participate remotely. You will receive a Calendar invite. Please hold the date and time. 


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DEMC 2023

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