How Element provides value to the battery industry

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Industry-Leading Battery Expertise

Our testing professionals have the specialized knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to test and certify batteries of all kinds.

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Purpose-Built Laboratory Facilities

Element has multiple laboratory locations designed entirely for battery testing, with the most cutting-edge equipment and facilities in the industry.

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End-to-End Testing & Certification Support

From R&D to the end of the product life cycle, Element provides testing and advisory services to help you bring successful products to market.

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Comprehensive battery testing expertise is what sets us apart. Our team of testing professionals is eager to answer your questions, so get in touch now or request a meeting at the International Battery Seminar.


Key battery testing services Element offers:

    • Cell, module, and pack-level testing for a wide array of battery designs and chemistries, including emerging technologies
    • Safety, thermal runaway, and abuse testing
    • Performance testing and competitive benchmarking
    • Testing and support for certifications and safety markings
    • Battery failure analysis
    • Consultation services for every stage of the product life cycle


Download more information about battery testing with Element

Learn more about our battery testing services in this informational PDF.

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