Are you a product manufacturer considering pre-compliance testing, in-house testing, or test reduction for your EMC and radio products? If so, join our webinar with expert Michael Derby (Technical Director, Regulatory Approvals), where he can help you understand if your EMC and radio testing approach is leading to a better product, efficient savings, or a non-approved product. During the webinar, he will look at the following:

  • EMC and radio testing for product development 
  • Understanding the main goals when performing tests for your products 
  • The importance of regulatory approvals 
  • Requirements for Global Market Access (GMA) 
  • The benefits of pre-approval testing


There will also be a Q&A at the end of the webinar, where you will be able to submit your questions directly to Michael. 

Click on the link below to secure your spot, or contact us directly to speak with our GMA partners to learn how we can take your products from R&D to marketplace reality. 

How to Utilise EMC and Radio Testing for Compliance and Global Market Access (GMA)

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