The Energy from Waste Conference 2023

Join our Environmental team at The Energy from Waste Conference March 15-16 in London. Meet our experts at Stand 16 to speak about how our independent environmental compliance and laboratory testing services are supporting the EfW sector and the broader drive towards decarbonisation and circular economy.

The Energy from Waste conference 2023 is bringing together an exceptional line-up of the industry's best speakers, with technical experts, global leaders and innovative developers providing an unmissable two days of the latest information.

Join us

Connect with our Environmental experts James Bealing and Matt Sumner to set up a meeting or drop by stand 16 during the event.

We are the largest ISO 17025 UKAS-MCERTS accredited company in the UK & Europe with over 45 teams and a network of 10 offices conducting Stack Emissions Testing, EN 14181 QAL2 & AST CEMS Verification, T2S Residence Time Testing, laboratory analysis of IBA & APC Ash and Biogenic Carbon14 analysis.  We also offer Odour Monitoring, BioaerosolsNoise assessments, Air Dispersion Modelling, Occupational Hygiene services and much more.


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Ambient Air Quality Modelling and Dispersion

Ambient Air Quality

Find out how we help our customers comply with regulations for ambient air quality to protect human health and the environment from the harmful effects of air pollution.

Air Dispersion Modeling

Air Dispersion Modeling

Air Dispersion Modeling computes weather patterns and local topography to predict the concentration of emissions at ground level caused by an emissions source. Find out more.

CEMS emissions monitoring

Temporary CEMS Emissions Monitoring

For industrial sites encountering an unexpected breakdown of their CEMS emissions measurement instruments, our team will quickly devise a CEMS recovery plan based on your monitoring requirements and processes.

Emissions Biogenic Carbon 14 Monitoring

Biogenic Carbon 14 Emissions Monitoring

Find out more about our OFGEM approved Biogenic Carbon 14 Measurement services, used to determine the renewable energy content of waste-derived fuels.

Stack Emissions Testing

Biogas Engine and Flare Emissions Monitoring

Find out how we help our customers with their annual monitoring of biogas engine and flare emissions from plants.

MCPD Directive

Medium Combustion Plant Directive

Element supports clients in the UK and Ireland with emission testing to demonstrate compliance with MCPD and give guidance throughout the permitting process.

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Emissions Residence Time Verification

Residence Time Verification

Find out more about our Residence Time services, offering verification of two seconds residence time within secondary combustion chambers for waste incinerators.

Stack Emissions Testing

Siloxane Monitoring

Element offers siloxane sampling and analysis services to accurately evaluate the levels of siloxanes in filter systems.

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