Element Digital Engineering is sponsoring the iMechE event on Decarbonising the Industrial Clusters for Net Zero 2040, 18 April 2023, in Sheffield UK.

In support of decarbonising the energy transition, Element provides insight, understanding and answers to your complex engineering and technology challenges. Our team offers digital solutions throughout product lifecycles and across industries adding value to your operations.

Meet our team in Sheffield

Meet Razvan Apetrei and Mark Eldridge in Sheffield to discuss how our global team of experts with deep technical expertise in engineering, applied mathematics, and technical software, leverage data, mathematics, and digital tools to provide insights and innovative solutions for today’s most complex engineering and technology challenges. 

Find out how we’re already supporting clients with energy transition in the oil & gas, renewables, nuclear and hydrogen sectors. Read our client success stories today.

The event

The industrial clusters are the UK regions where there are concentrations of industry – energy supply, industrial processes, and waste management. Across the UK, these sectors account for around 27% of the total CO2e emissions half of which is concentrated in the industrial clusters.

Join this seminar to find out more about the lessons learned and technological advances from these clusters and how they can be used to accelerate decarbonisation in wider industries.

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