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About OTC
OTC is a global event connecting offshore energy professionals around the world to discuss the challenges, solutions, and changing energy landscape of the offshore energy sector. Learn more about this event here

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Consult our experts on the toughest technical challenges facing your operations. From sustainability-focused digital modelling services to the latest hydrogen and additive testing requirements, we guide you through the testing process and help you interpret results for clear next steps.

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OTC 2023, booth 2460

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Hydrogen permeation testing at Element


Element has decades of experience in testing materials and components for their behavior in hydrogen-containing environments.

Pipeline and field joint coatings testing services

Energy Coatings Testing

We offer world-class materials expertise in polymers, elastomers, thermoplastics, composites and structural adhesives.

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Sour Service Corrosion 640 x 480

Sour Service Corrosion

Find out how Element’s laboratories use hydrogen sulfide and other sour gases to replicate the highly corrosive conditions found in oil and gas environments.

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Non-Metallic Materials Testing 640x480

Corrosion Testing

As a world leader in the provision of corrosion testing services, Element provides effective corrosion testing programs to help you reduce the cost of failure of your materials, and ensure that your assets are safe and will perform as expected once deployed in the field.

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Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA) Services

Element provides Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA) to determine if a flaw in welded structures is safe from brittle fracture, fatigue, or creep.

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Fracture Toughness Testing

Find out how Element utilizes its fracture toughness testing capabilities and expertise to predict and prevent potential pipeline cracking and failure.

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Non Destructive Testing 640x480

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Find out about the range of NDT services Element uses to evaluate the properties of a material, parts, products, welds, or systems without materially affecting the integrity of the items being tested.

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Immersion Ultrasonic Testing (IUT)

Immersion Ultrasonic Testing

Element has developed world-leading capabilities in IUT (Immersion Ultrasonic Testing) to provide state-of-the-art testing support for the Oil and Gas industry.

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Digital Engineering Services

Modeling and Simulation

We specialize in modeling and simulation to accelerate your research and development initiatives, optimize your designs and support safe, efficient operations.

Carbon Offset

Sustainable Solutions

Learn more about how our dedicated sustainability specialists ascertain your specific needs and provide bespoke end-to-end services that work for you.

Material Properties Foam Testing

Non Metallic Materials Testing

Non metallic materials can be evaluated for strength, flexibility, fatigue, and many other physical properties. Understanding the limits of your material is vital in determining its integrity and lifespan.

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Metallurgical Testing

Metallurgical Testing

Find out more about our metallurgical testing expertise and our comprehensive range services, from grain size analysis to fractography.

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Additive manufacturing testing

Additive Manufacturing

Find out how Element are leading the way in creating reliable and repeatable new test programs that deliver accurate results for the early adopters of additive manufacturing in Aerospace and other leading industry sectors.

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Weld testing services

Weld Testing for the oil & gas sector

Element offers weld testing services to simulate conditions for welds and offshore components and their behavior in the field, including increased temperatures, higher pressures, corrosive conditions, and deepwater environments.

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