Are you involved in the installation of radio modules and radio equipment into your products or considering expanding into North America or European markets? If so, this webinar is a must-attend!

About the event

In this webinar, we will delve into the intricate world of regulatory approvals for North America (FCC and ISED) and Europe (CE RED and UKCA RER). Our primary focus will be on providing practical advice to overcome the EMC and radio challenges faced during installation, ensuring a seamless transition to new markets.

Key takeaways:

Understanding the regulatory requirements in North America and Europe.
Practical insights on EMC and radio challenges.
Decision-making strategies for authorizing a final product with radio modules.
Mitigating risks associated with compliance.

About the speaker

Michael Derby has been in the product development and approvals business for more than 35 years. His present area of expertise is helping manufacturers get radio equipment onto the market.

 As a Technical Director in Element’s Connected Technology & Mobility group, Michael provides support on all topics related to radio equipment tests, certification, and authorization. He is responsible for new initiatives and growth within Element, identifying new opportunities, finding solutions, setting up new services, and training staff.

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