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How Element provides value to the space industry

Laboratory Partnership - Scalable solutions for your laboratory

Product qualifications in all environments

We can simulate pre-launch, launch, and space environments. Our expertise and state-of-the-art testing is trusted for projects of any size, duration, or location - from engines to propellant bottles, fasteners to 3D printed materials and composites, panels to spacecraft structure.

Laboratory Partnership - Scalable solutions for your laboratory

Unmatched quality and the most expansive breadth of capabilities and capacity

We'll help you accelerate your mission to space. You'll have direct access to top engineering experts for technical guidance, along with built-in redundancies in capacity that de-risk your development cycle.

Laboratory Partnership - Scalable solutions for your laboratory

Reduced risk of costly delays and retests

Lower costs and speed up development cycles with our digital modeling services that validate designs before production. You'll have confidence that testing plans - including large scale and custom programs - will fit your specific needs. Save time and money without sacrificing quality.

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Key services we provide to the space industry

    • Rocket thrust stand and exhaust duct testing
    • Outgassing analysis
    • Extreme environmental testing
    • Direct and indirect lightning
    • High pressure, high flow pneumatic tests at temperature
    • Aerodynamic heating for simulated hypersonic flight
    • Advanced EMI/EMC testing
    • Pyroshock
    • High-level vibration testing
    • NDT and destructive testing
    • Fracture toughness and fatigue
    • Thermal shock and cryogenic component and subsystem testing
    • Precision cleaning
    • Radiated aging and effects
    • Astronautics and propulsion testing
    • Space simulation/thermal vacuum cycling
    • Extreme environmental testing

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Our end-to-end solutions accelerate your path to space.


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NASA Award Winner

NASA Award Winner

Element is a recipient of the prestigious Space Flight Awareness Supplier Award.

Nominated by Boeing Corporation and Lockheed Martin, Element is the only independent test laboratory to receive the honor from NASA. 

According to NASA, the award “honors outstanding performance” among suppliers who demonstrate “production of high-quality products, excellent technical and cost performance, and adherence to schedules.”

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Global reach with a local approach

With labs worldwide, including spanning North America, we've got you covered wherever you are. Think global, with the convenience of local service. Click the location icon to learn more about the key capabilities of each lab. 


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