With over 35 years of multi-media environmental laboratory experience, Carlyle helps clients achieve and demonstrate environmental compliance.


Carlyle has over 35 years of experience in environmental laboratory testing and extensive knowledge of multi-media environmental testing programs. As a business development manager at Element Lafayette, he helps clients achieve and demonstrate environmental compliance.


Career Highlights 

  • While attending the University of Southwestern Louisiana, Carlyle Bourgeois joined James Laboratories, a local environmental laboratory in Lafayette, LA.
  • Upon graduation in 1991, with courses in science and a BS in Business Administration, Carlyle became the first business development representative for the company.
  • Later in 1991, James Laboratories was acquired by Sherry Laboratories and then in 2013, Sherry Laboratories was acquired by Element. 



  • Over 35 years of Environmental Testing experience 


Professional Qualifications 

  • BS Business Administration

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