Tristan Davis has more than 24 years experience in Environmental Testing Services for the Oil and Gas sector.

Tristan's quality assurance roles have included supporting over 30 state accreditations from across the United States along with supporting accreditations to national standards like ISO 17025 and NELAC.  His current management duties include implementing and maintaining the Quality Assurance Program across these Element locations and providing both technical support and guidance to our staff. 

Tristan’s industry experience includes over 24 years in the environmental industry. He is familiar with the regulator requirements related to analytical testing especially when related to EPA and State regulations and directed in areas like RCRA, NPDES, RECAP, 29B, Gulf of Mexico Discharge Permits and the Safe Drinking Water Act. He has performed Inorganic and Organic Analytical Testing. He has provided Data Validation services related to DOD, DOE, ACOE and industrial clients’ analytical data. He has provided Quality Assurance Services including specializing in corrective action procedures and expedited resolution of customer issues. He has performed quality system audits and offered guidance for industrial clients.

Tristan’s project experience includes numerous industrial and federal projects including groundwater monitoring and waste characterization projects for various federal sites like the Savannah River Plant.

As well as the BP Deepwater Horizon Incident where he provided environmental testing with level IV data deliverables. 


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