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Rick is an internationally renowned expert in the development and provision of NDT services to the global Aerospace sector.


Rick has over 22 years of non-destructive testing experience in RT, UT, MT, PT and VT methods and has developed test plans and protocols for equipment fabrication in the Aerospace & Defense, Oil & Gas and Transportation industries.


His extensive experience includes the testing of castings, forgings, plastics and wrought product material forms. His specialism includes steel, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, magnesium and inconel.Rick also holds the following accreditations:Certified Level III in Radiography, Ultrasonics, Liquid Penetrant, and Magnetic Particle by the American Society of Non-destructive testing (ASNT) since 1997.Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) by the American Welding Society since 1996. Code endorsed both AWS D1.1 and API 1104.Certified Honeywell level 3 in RT, UT, MT and PTCertified Navy Nuclear test examiner for Ultrasonics to Mil-Std-2132Certified quality auditor