Heng Huang is a Certified Welding Inspector with over 30 year experience in R&D, testing, and manufacturing.


He has over 10 technical papers published in professional journals and conference proceedings in USA, China, and UK, including Best Paper Award from Engineering Division of American Foundry Society in 1990. He served as Chairman of Indianapolis Chapter of ASM International in 2004-2005. He received his Ph.D. & M.S. in Metallurgical Engineering from The University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa, USA in 1992 & 1988, and B.E. in Materials Science and Engineering from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China in 1982.

Industry Experience
  • Materials testing and welding procedure/welder certification.
  • Prototype testing of net-shape or near net-shape cast parts (including aero-engine parts) – tooling design, gating/feeding design, molding, melting/casting, heat treatment, and mechanical properties.
  • Manufacturing and testing of cast magnets and sintered magnets.
  • Trouble shooting of manufacturing processes.
  • Using statistical methods to achieve more cost-effective foundry practice.
  • Optimizing magnetic properties by adjusting alloying elements.
  • Software development (R&D and commercial software) for modeling mold filling and casting solidification with finite element method.
  • Heat Treatment, Morphology, and Properties of Z15CN17-03, Proceedings of 1st National Materials Annual Conference, CMES, 1986, Authors: H. Huang, D. X. Ji (China)
  • A Free Thermal Contraction Method for Modeling the Heat Transfer Coefficient at the Casting-Mound Interface, Cast Metals, Vol. 5 (4), 1993, Authors: H. Huang, J. L. Hill, J. T. Berry (UK)
  • Evaluation of Criteria Functions to Minimize Microporosity Formation in Long Freezing Range Alloys, AFS Transactions, Vol. 101, 1993, Authors: H. Huang, J. T. Berry (USA)
  • Speaker at 93rd AFS Casting Congress (1989), A Protective Coating for Use During the Heat Treatment of Alloy Steel Investment Castings
  • Speaker at 94th AFS Casting Congress (1990), Modeling the Effectiveness of Chills During Solidification
  • Speaker at 95th AFS Casting Congress (1991), Heat Source/Sink Algorithm for Modeling Phase Changes During Solidification in Castings and Water Evaporation in Green Sand Molds

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