Jonathan has over 20 years’ experience in telecommunications testing, and is responsible for Element’s worldwide Zigbee services.

Jonathan is Element’s global expert on Zigbee testing and approvals, with extensive experience in advising and developing testing policy and procedure. 

He has actively participated in various technical working groups for a number of international alliances and forums, including the Broadband Forum, the Continua Alliance and the ZigBee Alliance. 

He has held positions as the Chair of the ZigBee Retail Services (ZRS) Group, Technical Editor for the ZigBee Qualification Group (ZQG) and has been a member of the ZigBee Architecture Review Committee (ZARC). In addition, Jonathan was appointed a Continua Certification Expert (CCE) and has held the Chair of the CCE Group within the Continua Alliance. 

His current positions include Chair of the ZigBee Certification Task Group and Vice-Chair of the ZigBee PRO Foundation Group. He is a member of both the ZigBee PRO Technical Sub-Committee and the ZigBee Technical Committee, and he is one of the eight members of the ZigBee Expert Panel for the ZigBee Alliance.