Dr. Hu is an expert on the material structure characterization, mechanical and physical properties of fiber, yarn and textiles.

Industry Experience

Dr. Hu has recently managed many projects on carbon and other fibers reinforced composite materials at Element Los Angeles (formerly known as Delsen Testing Laboratory), such as test programs for Boeing 787, JSF (F35 & F22), Sikorsky, United States Automotive Materials Partnership, etc.

Through his 32 years of experience, he has focused on developing analytical methodology on material structural characterization and physical property testing on fiber, textile, polymer and composites. Prior to joining in Delsen (now Element Los Angeles), Dr. Hu spent three years at University of California-Davis and successfully created, modified and implemented several computer programs for monitoring and data analysis to predict outcomes of statistical models for material structure and properties by using X-ray diffraction and crystallography. Dr. Hu also worked on polymer material pulverization processing design and development when he worked at Tennessee Technology University.


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