Richard White is a chartered manager with over 13 years of experience in product testing, certification and Global Market Access (GMA).

Industry Experience


He started his career as an approvals engineer and gradually worked up through various positions within Element. In 2022 he graduated with an MBA from the University of Hull and now serves as General Manager of the Certification, Global Market Access (GMA), and Advisory Services group at Element. 


Rich is a member of several industry organizations, including the FCC, TCB Council, and the Radio Equipment Directive Compliance Association (REDCA).


Project Experience


  • Richard acts as a peer reviewer to advisory services projects within Element to ensure technical correctness and accuracy.
  • Oversees the delivery of large-scale GMA projects, delivered by Element.
  • Supports delivery of a wide range of certification projects covering radio, EMC, safety, and EX against the requirements of various schemes. 


Connect with Richard on LinkedIn for more information.

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