Dr. Keyur Somani is a polymeric material expert specializing in the application of elastomers, thermoplastics and composites within the Oil and Gas sector.

Dr.  Somani's expertise includes evaluation of long term performance of non-metallic materials under hostile environments at high temperatures and pressures including exposure to sour gases. He is competent in safely handling toxic and potentially dangerous fluids at high temperature and pressure (HT/HP) conditions. 

His range of expertise includes: 

  • Accelerated ageing of elastomers and thermoplastics in sour (H2S) and non-sour gases and various production fluids at high pressure and temperature. 
  • Rapid gas decompression under sour gas and non-sour gas conditions.  
  • Expert in ISO 23936-1, 2, NORSOK M710 and API standards for Oil & Gas testing. 
  • Expert in F1.13.5.3 and F1.11 fixture based test protocols.  
  • Development of custom tests based on client’s requirements.  
  • Business development and management of projects.