Trevor is a Principal EMC Test Engineer with 15 years’ experience ranging from commercial, medical and wireless EMC including both testing and regulatory knowledge.


With over 15 years of EMC experience, Trevor has extensive knowledge of various EMC topics. This includes commercial and medical EMC/EMI and wireless regulatory testing requirements along with in depth knowledge on the test equipment, verification requirements and automation support.

The regulatory landscape is constantly changing in terms of updated standards, new requirements, and new radio technologies. In addition to many years of direct testing experience, he has partnered with many large and small corporations to help guide them through the complex and ever evolving regulatory process. From embedding modules in a host, system approvals, complex radio technologies, global market access for anything from implantable medical devices to large floor standing equipment, Trevor can guide clients throughout the process to give confidence that Element can be your trusted partner.

Based in our Element Brooklyn Park, Minnesota office, Trevor is always willing to provide guidance to clients and has been an integral part of scoping the work needed for various device types such that the Element test labs have a clear path to follow when performing the testing.


Career Highlights

  • Part of the initial team that setup and grew the Element Brooklyn Park, Minnesota EMC lab
  • Developed in-house test and quoting tools used within multiple Element labs.


  • Product Qualification Testing
  • Connected Technologies
  • EMC/EMI Testing
  • Wireless Regulatory
  • Radio Frequency (RF)



  • TCBC member 

Sector Expertise


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