Dr. JanPeter van Houten is a Failure Analysis expert with over 15 years' experience in welding and corrosion related failures.


Dr. van Houten’s primary expertise is on static and dynamic failures of welded structures and on corrosion of mild steel, stainless steel, and non ferro metals. He currently holds an MSc degree in metallurgical engineering, is an international welding engineer (IWE), and has a PhD in process technology of ceramics.

Industry Experience

JanPeter has a considerable amount of commercial R&D experience within the Oil & Gas, Transport, and General Engineering sectors.

Much of his work focuses on the examination of weld quality in order to ensure the structural integrity of any welded structure. 

In addition to his considerable welding-related expertise, JanPeter is also an expert on Fracture Mechanics Testing (both CTOD and J testing). Throughout his career, he has regularly contributed to the development of new testing procedures based on existing fracture mechanics testing standards for SENB and SENT specimen types.

JanPeter’s experience also includes:
  • Corrosion and corrosion prevention, in particular of stainless steels
  • Material selection based on experience and literature review
  • Fatigue failures in relation to design
  • Relation between material processing and resulting material properties

Project Experience

Recent projects led and completed by JanPeter include:
  • Failure analysis of defects in a welded skid beam (offshore construction)
  • Failure analysis of leakage in a tube wall of a boiler of a power station
  • Failure analysis of a welded connection in a tensile rod of a mobile crane
  • Material selection for heat exchangers of an offshore TEG gas dehydration unit
  • Material selection for flue gas silencer boxes
  • Development of a test procedure for J testing on SENT (single edge notched tensile) test specimens


  • JanPeter regularly contributes to the Dutch Roestvast Staal (Stainless Steel) monthly magazine


  • JanPeter is a regular contributor to conferences on Stainless Steel and Welding.

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