AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – January 2, 2014 – Element Materials Technology’s laboratory at Breda, the Netherlands, has completed a significant two-year modernization and expansion project. This key Oil & Gas (O&G) testing laboratory, based in the center of a European industry hub, provides standard testing, microscopic examination, chemical analysis, corrosion testing, fracture mechanics and failure analysis to Majors and their supply chain partners.

Following completion of the long-term modernization project, Element Breda is now preparing to launch more specialist fracture mechanics testing and 'fitness for service' engineering critical assessments (ECAs) in early 2014.

Rick Sluiters, Element’s VP of Europe Operations, says: “From next year, Element Breda will be joined by laboratories at Houston and Aberdeen in forming part of Element's international testing platform offering a globally standardized, advanced ECA service in three of the most active O&G locations in the world.

Element Breda's floor space has been increased to over 990 sq m and the building has simultaneously undergone a radical redesign to provide a more open, efficient layout, which is predicted to reduce lead times for customers who, thanks to the redesign, will now be able to view tests as they are being conducted.

Alongside the upgrade, there has also been significant investment in new equipment for the laboratory, which includes test frames and the latest digital servo controllers. Following the expansion and in order to support new service offerings in demand among Major clients, the laboratory has also undertaken an extensive recruitment drive, welcoming nine new staff members.

As a result, the laboratory’s fracture mechanics department has effectively doubled and is being supported in developing leading-edge test methodologies by Andy Barron, an internationally recognized technical specialist with many years of experience in fatigue and fracture mechanics.

“This is a significant milestone for Element's strategic growth plans in the Oil & Gas sector, as we develop new capabilities in order to continue providing Majors with world-class materials testing services,” Rick concludes.

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“This is a significant milestone for Element's strategic growth plans in the Oil & Gas sector.”

Rick Sluiters

vp, european operations