AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – November 12 – Element’s new Oil & Gas Materials Technology Center, located on a 5.3 acre campus adjacent to the Houston energy corridor, is to benefit from a $1 million investment from the state of Texas to research the application of high performance polymers for energy applications. 

Awarded to the Center for the Advancement of Non-Metallics in Energy Sectors (CANES) by the Texas Emerging Technology Fund (TETF), the grant will help support Element’s scientists at the country’s first Oil & Gas Materials Technology Center to undertake leading-edge research programs and commercial developments for offshore exploration and production.

Element’s Engaged Experts at Houston, TX, will work alongside colleagues from Element Hitchin, UK, as part of a consortium of CANES members in a collaborative project with Texas A&M University and the Consortium for Advancing Performance Polymers in Energy Applications at the Texas A&M Polymer Technology Center. The project’s primary focus will be on the application of advanced polymers within the Oil & Gas sector.

Colin Speedie, Element’s VP of US Operations, said: “The investment demonstrates the belief held by decision-makers in Texas of the need to keep pace with continually increasing technical demands brought about by the industry’s shift towards deeper, colder and more extreme environments. It particularly highlights the Element Materials Technology Center’s capability to be at the forefront of developing and qualifying technologies to support this trend, reinforcing the company’s reputation as an industry-leading materials testing partner."

The laboratory, which represents Element’s largest investment in a single site to date, totaling over $5 million, also promises to offer unparalleled capabilities within fracture mechanics and corrosion testing.

“The Texas Emerging Technology Fund continues to provide critical, early stage funding for some of the most promising innovations that have the potential to improve lives around the world,” Rick Perry, Gov. of Texas, said. “Supporting innovation with collaborative partnerships between entrepreneurs, researchers and institutions of higher education will enhance our energy capabilities, strengthen and diversify our economy, and ensure that Texas remains a global competitor in emerging technologies,” he continued.

Dr. Tim Bremner, Chairman of the CANES Board of Directors, added: “Receiving this award is further indication of Texas’ commitment to research excellence and commercial expansion in energy sector markets.”

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“It particularly highlights the Element Materials Technology Center’s capability to be at the forefront of developing and qualifying technologies.”

Colin Speedie

vp, us operations