AMSTERDAM – July 11th – Element Hitchin has been selected to participate in “TheBarCode”, a major pan-European research project co-funded by the European Commission. Starting this year, the study will conclude in December 2015 and seeks to advance the efficiency and cost effectiveness of power generation in gas turbine processes.

With a budget of €2,921,550 allocated by the European Commission’s 7th Framework Program for Research, the project will see UK-based Element Hitchin work alongside 12 partners from eight different countries. The consortium will look to develop improved thermal barrier coated parts or components of significantly improved performance, as well as software products providing optimised process parameters. Research will concentrate on long-term stability, resistance under extremely severe operating conditions and maximum application temperature.

“TheBarCode” program aims to use innovative structural analysis and fluid simulation software, including radiation, combustion, heat transfer, fluid-structure interactions and conjugate heat transfer models, for the development of detailed models for the operational performance and prediction of spallation phenomena and failure.

Rick Sluiters, Element’s VP of Europe Operations, says: “Element Hitchin has developed a reputation as one of the leading materials testing laboratories in Europe, and involvement in this international endeavour is further evidence of its position at the leading edge of materials research, development and qualification. We are confident that this project will produce exciting developments in the production, testing methodology and analysis of advanced materials for use in the power generation market, knowledge that will be spread across Element’s global platform of laboratories and benefit the entire company.”

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