AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS - Two Element laboratories in the United Kingdom have completed the rebranding and name change to Element.

Sheffield Testing Laboratories becomes Element Sheffield

UK based Sheffield Testing Laboratories Ltd was fully rebranded as an Element location on 29th June and will now operate as Element Sheffield.

With a history of serving industry that dates back more than 130 years,  Element Sheffield is based in the industrial heartland of the United Kingdom and is a well staffed and fully equipped independent testing laboratory servicing the aerospace and defence, oil and gas, power generation and transportation sectors.

The chemical analysis laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, which can be used to analyse both solid and liquid substances.  Element Sheffield also has a full UKAS accredited Corrosion facility which can carry out Sulphide Stress Corrosion Cracking (SSCC) and Hydrogen Induced Cracking (HIC) testing.

Within the laboratory the Failure Analysis department is able to carry out complete analysis and reporting for failed components.  Modern equipment ensures accurate and timely analysis and reports that carry integrity. 

The Force and Calibration departments give the laboratory a unique ability to be a full service provider to its clients who also require load testing or their equipment calibrating.

“Element Sheffield has the same rich history Sheffield Testing Laboratories always had however, with continuous ongoing investment in equipment and expertise clients will see a positive further development in the scope of tests and service offered”, said Charles Noall, President and CEO of Element. “The name has changed, but the dedication towards customer service excellence will stay the same. Element Sheffield will continue to strive to be the crucial "element" of success for its customers at all times.”

Materials Engineering Limited becomes Element Aberdeen

Materials Engineering Limited based in Aberdeen, UK was fully rebranded as an Element location on 29th June, 2012 and will now operate as Element Aberdeen.

Situated at the heart of the Oil and Gas Industry, Element Aberdeen has, for more than 30 years, been successfully serving this sector with a wide range of testing and consulting capabilities. Today, Element Aberdeen has developed a broad range of capabilities which enable it to successfully service other related industries including Renewable Energy and Power Generation.

The Element Welding Services Department is able to work with its clients throughout the various steps of their project cycle from inception, through procedure development and on to welder qualification whether at the client’s facility or in Element’s well equipped laboratory. With multiple engineers and welding bays available, there is the capacity required to deliver most projects regardless of size with the assurance that every project has the total attention of a team of dedicated specialists.

Element Aberdeen is also well equipped to handle multiple failure investigations with a strong team of metallurgists in house. This Element facility is extremely well equipped to meet client’s tight deadlines and project specific technical requirements. The Metallurgical Department has the depth of experience in Oil & Gas related Failure Analysis required to accurately assess the root cause of critical failures.

The fully staffed Chemical Analysis department has multiple operators that can also attend site at short notice.  OES analysis is available with expert technicians able to give you the best possible turnaround time with high quality reports.

“Element Aberdeen is everything that Materials Engineering was and more”, said Rick Sluiters, Element VP, European Operations. “The name has changed, but the focus remains the same - meeting industry specific requirements at the highest level.  Aberdeen has a very niche market and our experts in the Laboratory have unrivalled experience spanning decades.  As our ongoing program of investment continues you will see Element Aberdeen remaining a critical element to the Oil & Gas supply chain.”

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