The Acoustics Laboratory of Element St. Paul has completed a major equipment upgrade and installation. The list of new instrumentation includes:

  • New Sound Analyzer / Data Acquisition System

  • New microphones

  • New rotating booms

  • New amplifiers

  • New "pink" noise generators

  • Automated temperature and relative humidity sensors

Element Vice President, U.S. Operations Colin Speedie said, "We are working in a much more efficient environment with the upgrade of the Acoustics Lab, and our customers are seeing immediate benefits from the faster testing and reporting capabilities. 

"Our upgraded sound analyzer and data acquisition system is customized for our services and our report requirements, which are now much more streamlined. We can instantaneously generate comprehensive reports at the completion of each test, so after each day of testing, a customer can leave the building with all reports in hand. They like the improved speed and we like being able to get them what they need in real time."

About Element

Element is a company with a global presence; its laboratories are staffed by experts specializing in materials testing, product qualification testing and failure analysis for the Aerospace, Oil & Gas and Transportation and Industrials sectors. Element’s team of 1,800 scientists, engineers and technicians work in 51 facilities located throughout the U.S. and Europe. For a complete list of Accreditations & Approvals and more information, please visit

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“They like the improved speed and we like being able to get them what they need in real time.”

Colin Speedie

VP, US Operations