LONDON, UK – January 27, 2016 – Element Materials Technology’s Erik Borgstrom, a leading electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) expert, is collaborating with industry partners including Aerospace Primes and OEMs to establish a new SAE industry standard to formalize industry best-practice in EMC qualification and testing for the civil aviation industry. 

The new document will provide a solution to the long-standing fragmentation in approaches to Aerospace EMC across the sector, ensuring that the next generation of avionics products are accurately qualified and tested to demonstrate they are safe for use. The participants on the SAE document working group (ARP-60493) are drawn from the SAE’s AE-4 committee (Electromagnetic Environmental Effects) and Erik Borgstrom is currently in the role of Secretary.Erik is also a member of the SAE’s committee on AE-2 (Lightning), which collaborates with another key Aerospace industry accreditation body, the RTCA.  

Rick Sluiters, Element’s Executive Vice President, Aerospace, comments: “Our Engaged Experts are key participants in the formation of standards and accreditations within the Aerospace sector. Erik’s extensive experience in EMC ensures that he has the technical capability to work in the design of these standards, ensuring that our services are continually in demand, be it from industry accreditation bodies or from key commercial clients within the sector. 

“In 2015, we expanded our EMC capabilities with the acquisition of TRaC Global and Environ laboratories to become the Aerospace industry’s leading independent EMC testing and qualification company. Our global Aerospace product qualification testing (PQT) group is therefore well-positioned to support all of our key clients in their markets in the US and in Europe.”

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“Our Engaged Experts are key participants in the formation of standards and accreditations within the Aerospace sector.”

Rick Sluiters

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