LONDON, UK – July 26, 2016 – Element Materials Technology’s leading materials testing laboratory in Amsterdam, the Netherlands has strengthened its suite of testing capabilities with the addition of slip factor determination testing, enhancing its services for steel and related materials.

The Amsterdam laboratory delivers materials testing services to a range of sectors, including Oil & Gas and Construction, and is accredited for testing capabilities under the EN1090 standard. This covers a range of services for conformity assessment of steel and aluminum constructions, including weld and material qualifications, evaluation of mechanical fasteners and fatigue testing services.

Rod Martin, Element’s Executive Vice President, Oil & Gas, comments: “Element is continuing to infill critical capabilities to deliver a comprehensive range of testing services to our clients. At Amsterdam, our Engaged Experts deliver technical capabilities that support the development and manufacture of industry-critical materials and products. 

“Adding slip factor determination measurement demonstrates our ability and our commitment to support our clients as they look to deliver materials that remain in use for longer periods. Most importantly, we ensure that clients are able to access acceptable test durations, while delivering high levels of data accuracy.”

Element Amsterdam’s slip factor determination testing, covered by EN1090-2 Annex G, allows the extrapolation of creep of a connection over the entire design-life of a steel construction and uses displacement transducers with nanometer resolution and high-precision data loggers to generate data for clients. This test applies to preloaded bolted connections and is increasingly required for critical connections applied in steel constructions.  

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Element is a company with a global presence; its laboratories are staffed by experts specializing in materials testing, product qualification testing and failure analysis for the Aerospace, Oil & Gas and Transportation and Industrials sectors. Element’s team of almost 1,900 scientists, engineers and technicians work in 57 laboratories located throughout the U.S. and Europe. For a complete list of Accreditations & Approvals and more information, please visit

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“Element is continuing to infill critical capabilities to deliver a comprehensive range of testing services to our clients.”

Dr. Rod Martin