London, UK – November 6, 2017 – Specialist fire testing provider, Exova Warringtonfire Gent, which was recently acquired by Element Materials Technology (Element) to create one, world-class global testing services partner, is now fully accredited for Broof T1-T4 roof testing. 

The Gent laboratory can offer all four European roof tests (exposure to external fire), covering the whole European market for Broof classifications as well as being able to test according to BS 476-3 for the UK market.

The specific test standards are: 

  • CEN/TS 1187: Test methods for external fire exposure to roofs
  • EN 13501-5 (classification): Classification using data from external fire exposure to roof tests
  • CEN/TS 16459 (EXAP): Extended application of test results from CEN/TS 1187
  • BS 476-3: Classification and method of test for external fire exposure to roofs

Element is BELAC accredited, with expertise in roofing products including membranes, tiles, solar panels, liquid systems and knowledge of build-ups with substrates and insulation. The company is experienced in establishing test programs with an extended field of application, classifying the maximum product range with the minimum of testing, with the added customer benefit of sample preparation and installation being available on site.

Rob Veitch, EVP Fire and Building Products, Element, commented: “This full accreditation positions the Gent laboratory as Element’s Center of Excellence for roof testing. It offers further benefits for our customers, who can now access the most up to date testing for their entire roof needs in one place, with a highly knowledgeable, specialist team. Our experts sit on European committees to develop and assess the latest standards, so they are ideally placed to offer advice and support in this area.”

Element is also accredited according to NBN EN ISO / IEC 17025 and performs tests on construction products and materials used in transport (aeroplane, bus, car, offshore industry, shipbuilding, train and tram). 

About Element

In June 2017, Element Materials Technology acquired Exova Group Limited to create one, world-class global testing services partner. Element specializes in providing a comprehensive range of materials and product qualification testing, consulting, certification and calibration services to the global Aerospace; Fire & Building Products; Infrastructure & Environmental; Oil & Gas; and Transportation & Industrials sectors.

Element’s expanded network of 6,200 Engaged Experts operate out of nearly 200 laboratories in more than 30 countries and are trusted by organizations to test and advise on the safety, quality, performance and compliance of their products, systems and operations.


BELAC is a Belgian accreditation body which acts as an impartial third party to assess whether a given laboratory operates in accordance with the reference document in force and delivers an accreditation certificate if the laboratory passes the audit procedure.

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This full accreditation positions the Gent laboratory as Element’s Center of Excellence for roof testing.

Rob Veitch

evp, fire & building products