LONDON, UK – May 21, 2018 – Element Materials Technology will participate in the upcoming NACE Italia Conference & Expo 2018: “A European event for corrosion prevention” in Genoa, Italy on 27 - 29 May.

World-renowned expert Dr. Chris Fowler, Technical Director Corrosion and Protection at Element, will lead a one-day seminar on the NACE MR0175/ISO 15156 standard, the premier standard for cracking prevention through the use of material selection. The course will address the corrosion of metal components from sulfide stress cracking, stress corrosion cracking and other mechanisms of cracking caused by H2S.

Dr. Fowler will also chair a session on Material testing and selection for corrosive environments in the oil & gas pipeline stream, which will explore the problem of corrosion in oil & gas environments containing CO2 and H2S. Dr. Fowler will present a paper on ‘Advances in sour service testing’ and will be joined by engaged expert Mauro Ostacoli, General Manager of Element Milan, who will present his work on ‘Fracture mechanics in sour service: some characterization tests on SENT and SENB specimen.’

Dr. Rod Martin, EVP Oil & Gas commented: ‘’Element is a recognized specialist in corrosion testing throughout the world, with the largest and most comprehensive sour service testing laboratories located in Dudley, UK; Milan, Italy; Houston, USA; and Abu Dhabi, UAE. Our team of world-renowned experts work with our customers to develop and review test protocols, build custom R&D programs and evaluate components and systems to make certain that the performance of highly complex oil & gas infrastructure assets are always of a high quality and are safe, compliant and ultimately fit for purpose.’’

At this year’s event, NACE Europe will honor Dr. Fowler’s achievements in the field of corrosion with the introduction of the ‘Chris Fowler Award for Technical Excellence’. Dr. Fowler is currently the President of the NACE International Institute and is the former President of NACE International.

Visit Element at NACE Italia Conference & Expo 2018 in Genoa, on 27– 29 May at booth 21.

About Element 

In June 2017, Element Materials Technology acquired Exova Group Limited to create one, world-class global testing services partner. Element specializes in providing a comprehensive range of materials and product qualification testing, consulting, certification and calibration services to the global Aerospace; Fire & Building Products; Infrastructure; Oil & Gas; and Transportation & Industrials sectors.

Element’s expanded network of 6,200 Engaged Experts operate out of nearly 200 laboratories in more than 30 countries and are trusted by organizations to test and advise on the safety, quality, performance and compliance of their products, systems and operations.

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Element is a recognized specialist in corrosion testing throughout the world, with the largest and most comprehensive sour service testing laboratories located in Europe, the Middle East and USA.

Dr. Rod Martin