London, UK – May 19, 2020 – Element Materials Technology (Element) has signed a multi-year contract with a leading aerospace additive design and manufacturing business, Morf3D Inc., to provide testing centered at Element’s Huntington Beach, California laboratory.

The work for Morf3D will include a full range of cutting-edge materials testing: powder characterization, chemistry, metallurgical, mechanical and fatigue testing.  The Element team will also perform non-destructive testing at its Rancho Dominguez, California laboratory with digital and traditional radiography.

The three year contract comes on the back of a long partnership between Element and Morf3D in which the business has recognized the benefits of working with Element as testing partner due to both location and strength in service standards and technical expertise.

Rick Sluiters, EVP Aerospace at Element, said: “This long term partnership with a highly innovative and technically demanding customer like Morf3D is testament to the technical expertise and the high levels of customer service from the Element team in California.  Collaborative communication and faster than industry standard delivery puts us ahead of the game in testing for the aerospace supply chain.

“Our extensive testing capacity, preferential pricing and delivery standards offer customers a fully integrated suite of services for technically advanced testing for the additive manufacturing industry.  We are pleased to be working with Morf3D and other leading businesses in the sector and we’ll continue to invest in this technology.”

Ivan Madera, CEO at Morf3D, said: “Element’s superior quality, competitive pricing, and high degree of technical competence are all critical elements that create a successful additive manufacturing eco-system. We are thrilled to extend our relationship and call Element a trusted partner in our expansive value chain.”

Earlier in 2020, Element’s Huntington Beach laboratory announced significant new  investment in a full suite of powder characterization technology for the additive design and manufacturing supply chain.  New tests include: chemical composition analysis; powder sieve analysis; particle size distribution; flow rate; apparent density; tap density; and gas pycnometry.

The laboratory has been providing materials testing and consulting for customers worldwide since 1982. With over 250 highly technical experts and state-of-the-art equipment, the laboratory supports a diverse range of quality requirements, from routine high-volume testing to complex materials analysis and failure investigations.

The laboratory's Nadcap-accredited testing capabilities supply the foundation for quality control and product improvement for many industries along the North American West Coast, including aerospace, military, nuclear, and medical manufacturing.


About Element 

Element is one of the world’s leading independent providers of materials and product qualification testing, inspection and certification services to the global Aerospace; Transportation & Industrials; Energy, Fire & Building Products; and Connected Technologies sectors, where failure in service is simply not an option.

We exist to help our customers to make certain that the materials, products and systems that they make are safe, quality, compliant and ultimately fit for purpose, leveraging 200 years of testing experience and our global testing capabilities.


About Morf3D

Morf3D Inc. is a privately held corporation headquartered in El Segundo, California.  The company specializes in additive engineering and additive manufacturing in metal and provides services in manufacturing strategy, engineering design and technology adoption for leading aerospace and defense customers. Morf3D's mission is enabling client proficiency in fully exploiting the benefits of additive manufacturing while delivering innovative solutions that solve complex design and manufacturing challenges.


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Our extensive testing capacity, preferential pricing and delivery standards offer customers a fully integrated suite of services for technically advanced testing for the additive manufacturing industry.

Rick Sluiters

EVP Aerospace