Element Materials Technology today confirmed that Simon Barrowcliff, Senior Technical Specialist at Element, has been appointed Chair of the IEC System of Conformity Assessment Schemes for Electrotechnical Equipment and Components (IECEE). Simon will lead the IECEE for an initial three-year period to focus and accelerate the association’s activities.

The IECEE is a multilateral certification system based on international standards prepared by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and ISO, a not-for-profit membership organization with more than 20,000 experts in 170 countries. Members obtain certification or approval at national levels through the mutual recognition of test results, which helps them benefit from reduced trade barriers, lower costs, and access to new markets.

Simon brings over 35 years of experience in product testing, assessment, and certification to the role, having committed himself to the upkeep of quality infrastructure and trade of electronic products. In addition to helping customers achieve safe market access at Element, he has maintained voluntary external positions, including with the IECEE community. Simon served on the IEC Conformity Assessment Board for 15 years before becoming IECEE Treasurer and convening two IECEE working groups: 10 "Maintenance of the IECEE Rules and Operational Documents" and 18 “Financial Outlook".

He is the first of Element’s experts to Chair the IECEE, a move that further strengthens the company’s position in the connected technologies space. As Simon explains, “The mission of Element and the IECEE run in parallel. We are using our knowledge and experience to make the world a safer place.”

Simon shares what he hopes to bring to the role: “I hope to move the IECEE forward in a time of rapid change, as we see phenomena such as cyber security, functional safety, and wireless technology influence on the IEC’s traditional remit. For me, it will be to focus on electrotechnical conformity assessment as these technologies evolve in a diverse, inspiring, and inclusive organization.”

Wolfram Zeitz, Executive Secretary for the Conformity Assessment Schemes IECEE and IECRE at IEC, added: “Having worked with Simon for many years already, I am convinced that he will bring tremendous value to the IECEE as we transition into a more digital future. We are grateful that Element and Simon have agreed to take this challenge on, in an exciting period of change and development.”