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Ultra-Wide Band (or UWB) is a well-established radio technology that uses a very low energy level for short-range, high-bandwidth communications involving high data transmissions, across a large portion of the radio frequency spectrum. It is one of the emerging technologies within the rapidly expanding IoT world. The main benefits of UWB is the low power requirements to achieve high accuracy positioning as well as a high level of security. 

Used in smart devices such as consumer goods and home eco systems, UWB technology precisely identifies the position of devices and can be used to open doors, switch lights on or off, and automatically unlock vehicle doors. Within the world of manufacturing applications include the positioning and sensing for automatic guided vehicles, robots and other manufacturing machinery.

The benefit of UWB, compared with other technology such as GPS (GNSS), is its ability to work accurately both indoor and outdoor without the need or use of satellite signals.

As we see a shift for complex radio systems to use ever increasing higher frequencies and bandwidth, Element is the perfect partner to work with to test and certify these types of devices for both regulatory and industry certification so that together we can make certain that they are always safe, compliant and fit for purpose.

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