Element offers testing to PAS24 and other standards to assess the physical security of construction products. This is vital to not only make the homeowner feel secure in their own property, but also for compliance with regulatory requirements.

Our bespoke security test rigs are manufactured to accept samples up to five meters wide and three meters high. We carry out physical security and burglar resistance to a range of UK industry and European standards, including PAS24, TS007 and TS008 and STS 202, on not only doors and windows but also garage doors, roller shutters, letterplates, letterboxes, lock cylinders and handles. This testing provides compliance with the regulatory requirements of Document Q of the building regulations and for entry into the Secured by Design licence scheme. The police initiative for designing out crime ‘Secured by Design’ is being widely adapted by the hardware, door and window industry as a way of improving the burglar resistance of their products.


About PAS24 and other standards testing

Our team of engaged experts at our UKAS accredited door and window test facility in Wednesbury UK, work closely with customers to establish requirements. 

Standards we test to

  • PAS24 Security hardware test
  • PAS24 Infill removal testing
  • PAS24 Manipulation testing
  • PAS24 Manual attack testing
  • PAS24 Bidirectional mechanical loading
  • PAS24 Soft & heavy body impact testing
  • PAS24 Hard body impact testing
  • TS007 Enhanced security cylinders
  • TS008 Enhanced security letterplates
  • TS009 Enhanced security letterboxes
  • BS EN 1627 / BS EN 1628 Static loading
  • BS EN 1627 / BS EN 1629 Dynamic loading
  • BS EN 1627 / BS EN 1630 Manual burglary
  • STS202 Burglar resistance for doorsets, curtain walling, grilles, garage doors & shutters
  • STS205 Burglar resistance for cabinets, enclosures and boxes
  • STS501 Security Testing Standard for mechanical immobilisers
  • STS502 Security Testing Standard for Bicycle security systems
  • STS503 Security Testing Standard for ground anchors
  • BS6375-3 Basic security

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