Through our partnerships with BM TRADA and Warringtonfire, both part of Element Materials Technology, we offer certification for enhanced security products through the Q Mark and Certisecure third party schemes. These schemes help manufacturers get products to market and meet various specification requirements.

Certification we offer through BM TRADA and Warringtonfire:

  • Q Mark Enhanced Security Door Scheme
  • Q Mark Enhanced Security Window Scheme
  • Certisecure STS201 Certification of residential doorsets to PAS24
  • Certisecure STS202 Certification of burglar resistance for doorsets, curtain walling, grilles, garage doors and shutters
  • Certisecure STS204 Certification of residential windows to PAS24
  • Certisecure STS205 Certification of burglar resistance for cabinets, enclosures and boxes
  • Certisecure STS217 Certification of enhanced security cylinders
  • Certisecure STS218 Certification of enhanced security letterplates
  • Certisecure STS219 Certification of enhanced security letterboxes

BM TRADA’s Q-Mark enhanced security window certification scheme offers manufacturers the ability to demonstrate that their window products are manufactured to a certain quality and meet rigorous security standards.

Find out more about the Q-Mark Enhanced Security Windows Certification Scheme benefits (this link will open a new window containing details of BM TRADA’s Q-Mark certification.)

The enhanced door security scheme provides the same ability for door manufacturers. Find out more about the Q-Mark Enhanced Security Doors Scheme benefits (this link will open a new window containing details of certification.)

Both certification schemes support requirements for testing to Secured by Design standards. More information on this UK police-sponsored crime reduction initiative can be read here on the BM TRADA website.

The Certisecure third party certification scheme offered by Warringtonfire also supports Secured by Design standards and likewise gives customers confidence that the products installed in their buildings provide enhanced levels of security. Find out more here (opens in a new window.)