Element’s environmental specialists have extensive experience in providing analytical services to support the waste management, landfill, and disposal industries.

Classification of hazardous waste is essential because it must be transported and disposed of by different protocols than non-hazardous or inert waste. Analysis requirements will vary from landfill to landfill depending on the regulatory jurisdiction, landfill design, and approval, the type of waste stream, and contamination present in the waste material.

Waste characterization can be complicated. Having Element characterize the waste can either prevent unnecessary disposal costs if deemed non-hazardous or potentially avoid legal and economic ramifications when a waste stream is disposed of incorrectly.

Element is ideally suited to provide rapid and accurate advice and testing to the waste disposal industry. Our environmental experts can help waste managers design the best analytical suite needed for a wide range of waste streams and regional requirements, and ensure waste acceptance testing is in line with regulations.

Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) testing

The US, Canada, and Europe all have strict WAC testing in place. Waste generators must apply their knowledge of the waste stream and conduct specific tests to provide landfill operators with data to decide if they can accept a particular waste into their landfill.

Element can provide WAC testing, including hazardous waste characterization, routine monitoring of landfill ground and surface waters, and control of landfill leachates and gasses. 

Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) testing

Element uses TCLP testing to determine whether there are hazardous elements present in the waste by US EPA Method 1311, or modified TCLP where required in specific regions.

The TCLP test simulates the leaching of organic and inorganic compounds through a landfill and substances that exceed TCLP Waste Acceptance Criteria are classified as hazardous and must be disposed of at an approved hazardous waste disposal facility. 

Waste characterization analysis

  • Solids classification: Paint-Filter Test
  • Corrosivity, pH
  • Flammability: flashpoint, rope-burn test, spontaneous combustion, self-heating tests
  • Toxicity: TCLP metals and inorganics, TCLP zero head-space for volatile organics, Microtox, aquatic toxicity tests
  • PCBs
  • Hydrocarbons, PAHs, oil content, organic solvents
  • Deepwell Disposal
  • Asbestos

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