For telecoms manufacturers and network managers, fiber optics testing is an important part of maintaining efficient systems and meeting network operating requirements. But due to the number of individual tests required for most programs, understanding what testing is required can be confusing and challenging. 

Our experts have been providing fiber optics testing in major global markets for years and can assist you in every step of the process, from product development to final certification. We provide you with straightforward testing and advice that helps you meet your network operating requirements quickly and easily.

Working with Element

Our fiber optic test programs include most major industry standards, including GR-771, GR-950, GR-3125 and GR-326. The methods we test include:

Mechanical Testing Most fiber optic testing standards call for strength testing such as torque, flexibility, and tensile to establish minimum durability requirements.

Environmental Simulation Many network operating requirements include environmental factors, especially for equipment that is used or stored outdoors. In addition to temperature, humidity and aging testing, some programs also call for ingress protection, fungus resistance and vibration testing.

Electrical Testing For equipment like passive optical components that boost efficiency, electrical and optical testing are often performed to get baseline readings on basic product performance. Our suite of electrical testing services includes EMC, NEBS and safety testing.

Our labs specialize in providing single-source, industry-leading test services for customers across the globe. For more information about our fiber optic test services, or to request a quote, contact us today.