In an industry where products and materials are constantly being tested to new limits, Element’s 3kHz aerospace engine vibration capability bridges the gap between test data and real-world scenarios to create better, more reliable products.

Element’s new, one-of-a-kind shaker provides advanced aerospace engine vibration testing that maximizes testing value and reliability while reducing time to market. Our experts can create custom vibration profiles that make your product safer, better and more efficient than ever.

Using our equipment, we can help you:

  • Test to 3kHz – up to 25,000 lbs at 111 kN
  • Reduce the disparity between in-lab testing and real-world conditions
  • Create more robust, advanced test reports with critical safety and performance data
  • Decrease total test time and reduce time to market

As the first commercially-available vibration system of its kind in Europe, we are proud to lead the way with better products for a safer world.

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