In an industry where products and materials are constantly being tested to new limits, Element’s 3kHz aerospace engine vibration capability bridges the gap between test data and real-world scenarios to create better, more reliable products.

Element's 3kHz shaker allows us to meet the vibration levels required for accurate, real-world testing, providing more certainty and greater precision during testing. By providing manufacturers with a single-source program that doesn’t require compromise, we provide more thorough results that yield stronger data and better products.

The Element advantage

Since our 3kHz shaker provides testing at higher frequencies than traditional methods, often shorter run times can be achieved. This means that aerospace engine vibration testing can now be completed in less time, with more complete and accurate results.

Our shaker can also make the rest of your program more efficient; with no need to request concessions and complete additional testing, we can help you get your product to market faster, helping you keep your edge in a competitive market.

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