Element Materials Technology in Warren, Michigan has recently invested in new equipment and expertise to improve our extensive transportation Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) testing capabilities. Element now houses one of the larger silent shakers in the mid-west.

The shaker is used for the Buzz, Squeak and Rattle (BSR) testing of components such as consoles, instrument panels, doors, 1st and 2nd row seats  etc. This added capability allows for multi-axis vertical pitch and roll testing as well as sequential 4-axis testing. The 5ft wide x 6ft deep table and 700lbs weight limit allows for vibration of components which would typically be too large or heavy for a silent shaker system to be tested on any axis, examples include:

  • Complete IP with center console systems
  • A full 2nd row or 3rd row seating
  • A ¼ car body in white

In addition, Element Warren now boasts 12, 1/2” prepolarized free-field microphones for acoustic data collection. The data collection module allows up to 12 channels worth of sound data to be recorded all at one time.

With added capabilities must come added expertise. To complement the seasoned Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) team located at the Element Troy facility, Element Warren welcomes expert, Cody Ethridge who will be heading up the Warren BSR laboratory. Mr. Ethridge has four and a half years of Buzz, Squeak, Rattle and vibration testing experience. He began his career as a vibration lab technician where his duties included test setup, accelerometer placement, programming vibration controllers, and monitoring running tests. In his role as the BSR test technician he learned valuable skills such as how to:

  • Set up a BSR test in line with all major OEM standards
  • calibrate/use free-field microphones for acoustic measurements
  • collect acoustic data and process it per customer specification using acoustics recorder for collection and software package for post test psychoacoustic analysis
  • Listen, evaluate and classify different noises (buzzes, squeaks, rattles, etc…)

Additional Noise, Vibration, and Hardness testing capabilities available in the Detroit Metro area are:

  • Sound power/intensity
  • Natural frequency analysis
  • Pass by noise and sound quality
  • Additional single axis for buzz, squeak, and rattle analysis
  • Drive in Hemi Anechoic chamber
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