Element operates an advanced architectural acoustics testing laboratory to provide accurate sound transmission and sound absorption data that help achieve excellent acoustics and sound isolation in buildings. 

We provide laboratory acoustic testing to rate the effectiveness of a material to attenuate or absorb sound. Methods we apply include Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC), Sound Absorption Average (SAA), Sound Transmission Class (STC), and Outdoor/Indoor Transmission Class (OITC). 

Our testing includes:

  • Sound absorption testing (ASTM C423, E795, ISO 354)
  • Sound transmission loss testing (ASTM E90, E423, E1332, AAMA 1801, ISO 10140)
  • On-site analysis of wall, ceiling, and floor assemblies (ASTM E336, ASTM E1007)

The Element advantage

As a recognized testing partner to the construction and civil engineering sector, we provide comprehensive testing services to assess the acoustic properties of buildings. 

Our experts are adept at applying different methods to measure the acoustic absorption levels of architectural materials and the behavior of sound reverberation, which provide critical information before construction. 

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