When aspects of design, construction and operation fall outside the embedded knowledge of recognized design and construction codes or specifications, an alternative approach is required. Element provides Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA) services based on fracture mechanics to allow engineers to demonstrate the safety of a structure or a component and reduce the probability of failure in engineering structures.

Our fully integrated and advanced ECA services assess the defect tolerance for plastic collapse, fracture and fatigue damages of safety critical items in all welded structures and components which are exposed to various challenging environmental and operating conditions. This will reduce costs and time spent on unnecessary repairs and help prevent failures.

ECA applicable scenarios

Element’s fully integrated and advanced ECA consultancy, testing and analysis services can be used in the following scenarios:

  • Determination of flaw acceptance criteria for welded structures to demonstrate the critical dimensions of a fabrication flaw with which the structure can be safely operated.
  • Evaluation of structural inspection results and assessment of the severity of the detected flaws
  • Evaluation of a certain inspection technique and assessment of the technique’s suitability for detecting and sizing the flaw which can jeopardize the integrity of a structure
  • Assessing the necessity of applying a PWHT on a welded section
  • Assisting failure analysis investigation and evaluation of the plausibility of a failure scenario

ECA services

  • Consultancy on testing requirements and analysis regimes
  • ECA analyses to a variety of internationally recognized codes and standards including BS 7910, DNV-OS-F101, DNVGL-RP-F108 and API 1104.
  • Dynamic and quasi-static fracture mechanics testing and analysis in ambient and simulated environmental conditions e.g. Hydrogen loaded, corrosive media or cryogenic temperatures, to a vast majority of internationally recognized codes and standards
  • Mechanical treatment of materials in small scale and full-scale dimensions i.e. straining and aging treatments, full-scale simulated pipe reeling.
  • Fatigue crack growth rate measurement and analysis
  • Mechanical testing at elevated and cryogenic temperature

Fully integrated services for ECA

Element’s multidisciplinary approach and expertise in materials engineering, fracture and fatigue analysis, stress analysis, and NDT inspection successfully deliver an Engineering Critical Assessment to a variety of internationally recognized codes and standards. We combine our advanced materials testing facilities in the US, UK, Europe, and South East Asia with our fully integrated ECA services to help you define the most cost-effective inspection and repair plan for all your projects during design, installation and operation. 

Pipeline installation and operations conditions

Element has a proven track record and experience assessing pipeline construction under a variety of installation methods and operational conditions that are routinely encountered within pipe-laying activities.

The Element advantage

With fully ISO 17025 accredited laboratories in the US, UK, Middle East, South East Asia, India and Europe and extensive expertise in materials testing, Element can perform fracture mechanics testing and conduct Engineering Critical Assessments (ECAs) on a wide range of materials, applications and structures. We support a wide range of industries, from ground vehicle, aerospace, and defense suppliers to the Oil and Gas, power generation and nuclear and wind power sectors. 

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