Element is a single-source provider for a wide range of environmental testing methods. With our global network of testing labs, high level of expertise, and specialized test services, you can be sure that your project is in safe hands from start to finish. Programs like our Early Stage Qualification (ESQ®) provide technical support and design consulting throughout your product’s lifespan.

Our engineers regularly test products and components for a huge range of applications. With locations throughout the US and Europe, we have the expertise and the availability to provide world-class testing services, even under deadlines. Whether you need vibration testing, thermal shock, or anything in between, you can take confidence in Element’s testing and support. 

To learn more about our environmental testing services, speak to an expert today. 

Environmental Testing Methods

Our extensive range of environmental testing includes:

  • Vibration and Shock testing
  • Climatic testing - Temperature, Altitude, Humidity and Pressure Testing
  • Product durability testing -  ageing, weathering, HALT, HASS testing
  • Ingress protection (IP) testing
  • Sand and Dust Testing, Salt Spray and Corrosion Testing
  • MIL-STD-810 and DEF STAN 00-35 military and defence testing
  • RTCA DO-160 Aerospace environmental testing
  • Bespoke testing