Element offers a wide range of ADME and DMPK laboratory services. We can accept both in vivo and in vitro samples, providing researchers with critical insights into drug behavior and enabling data-driven decisions regarding which drug candidates are the most viable for further therapeutic exploration.

Adsorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) and drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK) analysis are critical components of drug discovery and development, allowing drug developers to determine specific formulation and dosing requirements. In addition to a host of available in vitro ADME assays, Element’s customers benefit from custom method development and a steadfast commitment to high quality, thorough, and swift testing of preclinical and clinical samples.

As a full-service DMPK CRO, Element’s purpose-built labs and teams of consultative, accessible scientists serve as a true partner throughout the entire drug development lifecycle, from drug candidate selection to monitoring bioavailability throughout clinical trials. Our ADME and DMPK expertise extends well beyond typical assay development, which usually employs ELISA and immunoassay platforms; instead, our scientific experts utilize a broad collection of analytical techniques.

DMPK analysis & ADME services

  • Novel DMPKE/ADME assay development and validation
  • DMPK-toxicology studies when integrated with toxicity services
  • DMPK & ADME method transfer and sample analysis
  • High throughput therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM)

The Element advantage

Element’s dedicated team of industry-leading scientific experts offer a wide range of innovative ADME and DMPK solutions and services for early and late-stage discovery programs, customized to meet specific customer requirements. Our team is ready to partner with you, providing the highest quality ADME and DMPK services to help validate toxicology studies, support safety evaluations, and indicate the likelihood of drug-drug interactions.

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