Establish a strong foundation for commercially successful therapies and advance from concept to candidate with Element's integrated discovery biology services. Accelerate pre-clinical drug discovery with a large number of biochemical and cell-based assays.

Leverage the >600 druggable protein targets included in our portfolio of biochemical assays, including kinases, proteases, phosphatases and many other enzymes regulating cell survival and apoptosis, epigenetic and metabolic circuits and protein homeostasis. Diverse needs are met with flexible assay formats ranging from HTS and high content profiling to sophisticated mechanism of action studies. Interested in discovery biology services? Request more information

Extensive biochemical assays

You'll benefit from the largest portfolio of biochemical assays run on microfluidic instruments, as Element is the leader in microfluidic technology. A broad spectrum of targets are covered with more than 500 available assays, from kinases to proteases to epigenetic targets. A majority of these assays can be run on our microfluidic detection platform, delivering high quality data and tremendous value for research budgets and drug discovery campaigns.

In addition to extensive experience performing high throughput screening for broad kinase, epigenetic and protein homeostasis, new assays can be developed quickly, built upon one of the largest proprietary libraries of peptide substrates. Custom assays for complete biochemical characterization are developed on microfluidic-based or alternate technology platforms and fully validated with highly standardized procedures. Looking to talk about your discovery biology and biochemical assay needs? Get in touch with us today.

Comprehensive cell-based assays and bioassays

Cell-based assays utilize a large in-house collection of stable cell lines as well as primary cells and whole human blood. Comprehensive bioassays include intracellular drug-target engagement assays, protein-protein interaction, phospho-protein accumulation and protein degradation assays as well as cytokine ELISA, cell proliferation and multiplex flow cytometry studies. Want to know more? Start the conversation

The Element advantage 

A systematic approach to discovery biology is taken, aligned with biochemical profiling and cell-based screening activities. Bioassays are supported with state-of-the-art compound delivery approaches (acoustic dispensing) and modern detection methods, including TR-FRET, FP, BRET, flow-cytometry, and LC-MS/MS. Element's discovery biology services have been built upon a foundation of deep expertise in biochemistry, signal transduction and cell biology.

So, let's talk about your goals and how we can make a difference.

Cell-based screening and profiling

  • Dose response studies
  • Drug combination studies

Cell-based assays

  • Cell viability and proliferation assays
  • Apoptosis/necrosis assays
  • Target engagement assays (NanoBRET)
  • Protein degradation (PROTACs)
  • Cytokine ELISAs
  • Phospho-site assays: TR-FRET, In-Cell ELISA
  • Flow cytometry studies

Development of new cell models

  • Generation of target-specific models

Biochemical screening and profiling

  • HTS, fragment screening
  • Dose response studies, medium to high throughput screening
  • Selectivity profiling

Biochemical assay development

  • Protein sourcing characterization
  • Substrate identification
  • Assay validation
  • SOP preparation

Biochemical MoA studies

  • Kinetic studies (Ki, Kinact, residence time)
  • Dialysis and rapid dilution studies
  • Kinase activation cascades
  • Substrate competition studies


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