Cut costs and expedite time to market with Element as your CDMO partner. Explore or support a theory of mechanism of action on a receptor or enzyme with complete medicinal chemistry programs designed and carried out by Element - including design, synthesis and scale-up of proprietary drugs.

High-speed hit expansion and hit to lead programs benefit from the highly efficient support our focused libraries platform provides. Plus, potential drugs can be designed from a known crystal structure supplied to our team of experts.

Get answers to key questions in the discovery process from hit exploration/expansion, hit-to-lead, and lead optimization. With a proven track record overcoming challenging synthetic problems, from production of hundred-member libraries to complex targets requiring long, multistep syntheses, ensure compounds meet specifications when you partner with Element. Ready to start the conversation? Let's talk.

The Element advantage

Quickly get projects moving without spending time and money setting up a chemistry infrastructure - Element's experts act as an extension of your team. Keep teams on track and strategically extend capacity with Element.

Discovery efforts are tailored to meet your needs - ranging from collaborative efforts to full exploratory medicinal chemistry endeavors. Interested in knowing more? Request more information

Custom synthesis

  • Rapid delivery mg to kg scale
  • Solid phase synthesis
  • Synthesis of new analogs
  • Hit to lead
  • SAR expansion
  • Lead optimization
  • Multi-step custom synthesis of complex targets
  • Reference compounds
  • Metabolites
  • Substrates
  • Stable isotope labeled compounds

Discovery chemistry specialization

  • Focused libraries platform
  • Fragment based drug discovery
  • Expertise in pro-drug approaches, conjugates, PEG
  • Controlled substances R&D (Schedule II - V)
  • Controlled substances analytical and bulk manufacturing licenses (Schedule II-V)

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