You need to get your product to market quickly and safely. Element offers options to validate your product sterility and meet your project deadlines.

USP <71> Sterility Testing

Standard USP <71> sterility testing, essential to sterile compounders, outsourcing facilities and manufacturers, has a 14-day incubation time. 

Rapid Sterility Testing with BacT/ALERT® 3D Dual-T

With Element's rapid sterility testing, results are available in seven days, half the time of the standard USP <71> test. We use BacT/ALERT® 3D Dual-T, the first fully automated, growth-based, dual-temperature microbial detection system. Our comparability studies conform to USP <1223>.

Ensuring product sterility is critical to patient health and safety, so timely testing turnaround is essential to delivering critical medicines to the patients who depend on them. To learn more about Element's sterility testing options, contact us today. 

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