About Element Yongin – Yejik


Established in August 1998, Yejik laboratory in Yongin, South Korea, offers specialized services for EMC and energy efficiency testing, including lighting, efficiency and standby power.


Yejik Services


We provide comprehensive services from development to certification through electromagnetic interference and immunity testing.

Our team also offers local and international energy efficiency and standby power tests services for home appliances, IT devices, lighting devices, etc., and energy efficiency certification services  for countries regulated by their respective government.

The laboratory’s range of services includes:


Testing services:

• Electromagnetic interference (EMI)

- Conducted noise, radiated noise

- Noise power, antenna terminal voltage

- High frequency output terminal voltage

- Harmonic, flicker

• Electromagnetic immunity

- Electrostatic discharge, electromagnetic radiation resistance

  Electrical fast transients, surge, power frequency magnetic fields immunity

- Electromagnetic wave conduction resistance

  - Voltage drop, instantaneous correction


Products we can test:

For energy efficiency:

• Home appliances (refrigerator, water purifier, rice cooker, etc.)

• IT equipment

• Lighting equipment , AV equipment, power supply battery system


For EMC:

• Medical Equipment

• Military equipment

• Vehicle equipment

• IT equipment

• Industrial equipment

• Broadcasting equipment

• Fire equipment


Certification services:

• Local programs such as high-efficiency energy equipment certification, energy efficiency rating , and standby power reduction programs

• Energy efficiency-related services for North/South America, Asia, and Africa

• Testing of car tuning components (e.g. lighting systems)

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