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Element Boucherville is fully equipped to provide the expertise and customized testing solutions to meet all your product development and regulatory compliance needs. From EMC/EMI, Environmental and Mechanical Services, to International Approvals and Certification, we'll help accelerate your entry into key global markets.

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Element Boucherville Specialties

Environmental Testing at Element Boucherville

How do you accurately predict the integrity of a product before it is put into use in its planned environment? For manufacturers of technical components intended for use in satellites, aircraft and other critical assemblies that will regularly meet with harsh conditions in their daily operations, there is only one solution. With more than 50 years of materials testing experience, we know precisely how to take the guesswork out of predicting the lifecycles of critical components.

Through rigorous environmental simulation testing, products are far better prepared for their real-world applications by first submitting them to tests that simulate the conditions they will face once in use. Imagine the extreme thermal fluctuations that satellite components must successfully endure, and you begin to understand why this type of testing is so critical to a mission’s success.

Especially when equipment is exposed to direct sunlight, vibrations or other shocks, the importance of environmental testing cannot be stressed enough. When prototypes and products are still being developed, this type of testing allows engineers, designers and manufacturers to fully meet the needs of their clients — even when a client is the U.S. Department of Defense or NASA.

Many standards require the conducting of environmental testing. For aerospace suppliers to companies like Airbus and Boeing, environmental testing is required to meet the DO-160 standard. Additionally, all military contractors must conduct thorough environmental testing to conform to MIL standards, such as MIL-STD-810.

We can test everything from accelerated aging to surviving drops. In addition, environmental testing often involves acceleration, vibration, shock, thermal and humidity tests to fully simulate the conditions that products will endure once they are put into service.

What is also important to note is that when you entrust your environmental testing to us, you get the expertise of an ISO/IEC 17025-certified lab with its A2LA — or American Association for Laboratory Accreditation — in Mechanical 2471.01 and Electrical 3583.01 applications.

International Approvals and Certification

Getting your product into international markets can be difficult—particularly during a pandemic. Plus, geopolitical dynamics fundamentally change the type of markings you might need to get your product into a new country. In the UK, for example, Brexit means that you will need a UKCA marking to sell your product. Meanwhile, new criteria for your product in Russia, Ukraine, India, Brazil, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates is necessary. Are you aware of these changes? The good news is that a team of experts is dedicated to helping you track every minor change to help you secure regulatory approval in global markets. The goal is to streamline the process for entering international markets to avoid delays and duplicative testing. The international approval services include the following:

• A Single-Point-of-Contact for 180 Countries
• In-country Testing and Approvals
• Globally Recognized Test Reports
• In-Country Representation
• On-going Compliance Tracking
• Compliance Strategy for Faster Certification

EMI / EMC Testing at Element Boucherville

The conformity to electromagnetic compatibility and interference (EMC and EMI) norms and regulations is a crucial step in the development of every electric and electronic product. Plus, if for any reason the appropriate electromagnetic compatibility has not been fully taken into consideration during a product’s design, it is highly likely that its functional performance and reliability will be adversely impacted later.

For companies that supply electronic components to industries ranging from telecommunications to the defense sector, it simply makes sense for your individual products, as well as your business’s overall reputation, to be proactive about your EMI/EMC testing. That is why putting our technical expertise, semi-anechoic chambers and state-of-the-art equipment behind your next project is such a prudent decision.

The Element Boucherville EMC testing laboratory is fully equipped and ready to support during your products’ EMC and EMI qualification process—from prototype development to proper product certification. NTS also offers counseling services, to help reduce development time and promote a more efficient certification process.

EMI/EMC Testing Highlights

• Servicing the Consumer Electronics Industry
• Radiated Susceptibility ~ 30 V/m, frequency range 10 kHz to 18 GHz,
• Radiated Emissions ~ 30 Hz to 40 GHz
• 3 meter Semi-anechoic chamber - 10’ x 10’ doors
• Extended ground plane test beds
• AC & Telecom port surge, Electrical Fast Transients, Ring-wave, and bust testing
• Electrical power characteristics testing for consumer electronics
• Shielding effectiveness, transfer impedance
• Electrostatic discharge up to 30 kV

EMI/EMC Test Specifications

• Radiated electromagnetic field
• Conducted emissions
• Harmonic currents
• Voltage fluctuations and flicker
• Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Immunity
• Radiated electromagnetic field immunity
• Electrical fast transient/burst immunity
• Surge immunity
• Immunity to conducted disturbances
• Pulse magnetic field immunity
• Damped oscillatory magnetic field immunity
• Voltage dips, short interruptions & voltage variation immunity
• Immunity to conducted, common mode disturbances
• Ripple on DC Input Power Port Immunity
• Damped oscillatory wave immunity
• DC Input Power Port Immunity Tests
• Power frequency magnetic field immunity

Primary Test Specifications

• MIL-STD-167
• MIL-STD-202
• MIL-STD-331
• MIL-STD-810
• MIL-STD-833
• GM 3172
• GM 6139
• GM 15310
• GM 15725
• GM 16288
• ASTM D3580
• ASTM D4728
• ASTM D775
• ASTM D999
• ASTM B117
• GR-1209
• GR-1221
• GR-468
• Chrysler PF-11710
• Chrysler PF-12032
• Chrysler PF-12184
• AS/NZS 61000-xx
• ICES-001
• ICES-003
• ICES-00
• IEC 60068
• IEC 60255
• IEC 62493
• IEC 61373
• IEC 61547
• RTCA DO-160
• FCC Part 15 & 18
• CISPR 11
• CISPR 12
• CISPR 14
• CISPR 15
• CISPR 22
• CISPR 32
• 5IEC 61000--xx
• EN 55011
• EN 55022
• EN 61000-xx
• EN 60255-xx
• EN 61547
• KN 61000-xx
• ISO 10605
• ISO 11452
• and more...

Approvals, accreditations and documents

  • Boucherville A2LA Electrical ISO 17025 Certificate and Scope
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