About Element Montreal

Element Montreal is an ISO-17025 accredited, Standard Council of Canada (SCC) and NADCAP-certified metallurgy and fatigue laboratory with accreditations and certifications covering the aerospace, rail and automotive markets.  

Located on the West-Island of Montreal, Element Montreal complements its 40+ years in metals-based testing, failure analysis, and atmospheric corrosion testing with heavy-industrial static and dynamic fatigue testing. 

With a history dating back to the mid 1970s, the laboratory has a long-standing history of success servicing multiple industries, market-segments and customers throughout Quebec, Ontario, the Maritimes and the United States. 


Approvals, accreditations and documents

  • Element Montreal Bombardier Approval
    PDF - 56.85 KB View
  • Montreal Accrditation Bell Helicopter Textron
    PDF - 175.98 KB View
  • Montreal Airbus Accreditation
    PDF - 279.21 KB View
  • Montreal Boeing Approval
    PDF - 179.72 KB View
  • Montreal CGP Approval
    PDF - 516.07 KB View
  • Montreal NADCAP Certificate Materials
    PDF - 315.21 KB View
  • Montreal NADCAP Scope Materials
    PDF - 129.06 KB View
  • Montreal Pratt and Whitney Canada Approval
    PDF - 346.74 KB View
  • Montreal Safran Approval
    PDF - 142.66 KB View
  • Montreal SCC ISO 17025 Accreditation
    PDF - 288.43 KB View
  • Montreal SCC ISO 17025 Porte Daccreditation
    PDF - 191.09 KB View
  • Montreal SCC ISO 17025 Scope
    PDF - 122.83 KB View

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