Hydrostatic testing is accomplished by filling a pressure vessel such as pipe, tubing, fuel and cooling assemblies, boiler components or fuel tanks with water or (other customer-specified media) to a specific pressure and time requisite per customer or industry requirements. Acceptance of the test is based on the ability of the material under test to hold the specified pressure without deformation of the material or leakage. 

Hydrostatic testing is performed on commercial, nuclear and aerospace applications.

Depth/Submerge Testing 

Element can perform depth/submerge tests up to a max depth of 200 PSI (461 feet of water). Depth/submerge testing is ideal to determine a product's ability to operate underwater or under external pressure including:

  • Water ingress, flooding
  • Crush depth or pressure 

Whether initially qualifying product or maintaining safety standards and durability over the product’s life cycle, Element's experienced engineering staff creates customized solutions for your hydrostatic applications. 

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