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National and Regional governments regularly offer funding to Industry to support research, development and innovation through various funding bodies and schemes.  Such public sector funded projects present excellent opportunities for those organisations seeking to develop and to maintain their technical and competitive edge in the market sectors they serve, through continuous technical development, research and innovation.

Element has over 20 years experience in successfully winning and running PSPs. We are highly experienced in developing new funding ideas; establishing and coordinating consortia of companies to form partnerships; writing and submitting proposals and running or participating in the successful completion of the projects and as such are ideally placed to apply for public sector funding opportunities, either as a partner or coordinator of the proposal. 

The public sector projects we have led or supported include: 

  • Durastor: Low cost durable thermoplastic hydrogen storage tanks (2009-2012 UK/TSB)
  • NDT2DT: New Approach to Automate Non-Destructive testing and Inspections with Evaluation of Damage Tolerance in Composite Structures (2011-2013 UK/TSB)
  • i-Composites: Virtual testing and effect of defect (2010-2011, 2 years, UK/TSB)
  • BMAX: Tidal turbine blades, maximising reliability and performance and reducing costs (2010-2013 UK/TSB)
  • NEW-MMEET: New materials and methods for energy efficient tidal turbines (2008-2011 UK/TSB 2008-2011) 
  • MSI-SPAR: Damage tolerance of carbon yacht mass and wind turbine spars (205-2008, 3 years UK/DTI)
  • FETLEC: Fuel emission testing for low emission components (2003-2006, UK/DTI)
  • UV Composites: UV cured composites in structural applications (2006-2008, 3 years, UK/TSB)
  • Friction: Composite friction materials in braking applications (2002-2005, UK/DTI)
  • CQCC: Continuous quality control of composites pipes (2011-2013, UK/TSB)
  • CAD/TPC: Development of composite railway sleepers (3 years UK/TSB project)
  • LaWocs: Laser welding glass fibre reinforced plastics (2010-2013, Eurostars)

  • FULPAC: Functional life of elastomeric components (1999-2002 3 Years EC/FP5 )
  • DEFRIS: Deepwater flowline insulation system (2001-2003, 3 years EC/FP5)
  • BAAS: Durability of adhesive bonding (2002-2005, 3 year EC/FP5)
  • LTD-BAMS: Long term durability of automotive joints ( xxxx-xxxx, 3 years EC/FP5)
  • LABBS: Development of test methods for the durability of adhesive systems (xxxx-xxxx, 3 years EC/FP5)

  • ExtreMat: Materials in extreme conditions (2004-2008, 4 years EC/FP6)
  • KMM: Knowledge based multi-component materials (2004-2008, 4 years EC/FP6)
  • BIOCOMP: Bio composites (2005-2009, 4 years EC/FP6)
  • SuperLight Car: Light vehicle structures (2005-2009 4 years EC/FP6)
  • CESAR: Cost effective small air craft design (2005-2009 4 Years EC/FP6)
  • WASIS: Composite fuselage section wafer design approach for safety increasing in worse case simulations and joints minimising (2011-2014, 3 Year, EC/FP6)

  • CEDESA: Centre of excellence for the design of efficient and safe aircraft (2010-2014, 3.5 years, EC/FP7)
  • GlaCERCo: Glass and ceramic composites for high technology applications (2011-2014, 3 year EC/FP7)
  • IntegRisk: Investigate risk based analysis in the energy industry (
  • INN-VIN: Innovative materials solutions for transport, energy and biomedical sectors by strengthening integration and enhancing research dynamics (2012- 2015, 3 years EC/FP7)

  • HOST:  Optimisation of Hydrogen storage and transfer vessels (2014-2016, 3 Year UK/Innovate)
  • Co-Compact: Cost effective laser cutting of the thermoplastics composites materials (2013-2015, 2.5 year Eurostar)
  • COMPETE: Innovative composite materials for aerospace fuel line components (2015-2017, 2 years UK/NATEP)

  • THEBARCODE: Development of multifunctional thermal barrier coatings for power generation with improved efficiency (2012-2015, 3 year EC/FP7 project)
  • Platform: Develop open access pilot lines for the industrial production of nano-enabled products. (2015-2018, 3 year EC/H2020 project)
  • ESPOSA: Efficient systems and propulsion for small aircraft (2011-2015, 4 years EC/FP7 project)
  • Hipocrates: To develop seal healing polymers for self-repaired aeronautical composites (2012-2015 3 year EC/FP7 project)
  • COACH: Advanced glasses, composites and ceramics for high growth industries (2014-2016, 3 year EC/H2020 project)